I primarily used the dynamic neural retraining system to heal many diagnosis of chronic illness as well as emotional dysregulation from trauma.  I came to understand DNRS as a structure which I could adapt for myself . I also used many other practices which began to make sense for me as I progressed further into healing. As I became more present, I naturally began to savor moments I felt connected to, and of course I began to savor the positive emotions that went with it. Rick Hanson talks about a savoring practice with the HEAL technique. During my training in his professional course he emphasized that even 15 seconds of eliciting and savoring positive emotions can begin to rewire the brain out of a stress state and into a more regulated one.


The HEAL technique as described in the video below goes as follows:

Have an experience

Enhance the experience  – (feel it with all your senses. I do this by talking about it out loud, describing the experience and the way it makes me feel using details.)

Absorb the experience – allow yourself to feel it and hold it in your body and mind.

Link the experience to a challenging thought, memory or sensation. Hold this experience in your awareness as you bring up a negative experience. The goal is to interrupt the charge from that negative experience, and create a different relationship with it.   (this part is optional)

If you are experienced with the DNRS program you will recognize HEAL being like a Mini round. I use it throughout the day when feeling positive emotions that I want to continue holding and will use the linking step as an opportunity to rewire challenging experiences from the past that I elicit.  Sometimes, I will use HEAL when already having a challenging experience that I want to let go of, or calm. Then, it is not really necessary to bring up the challenging experience as I am already in it. Using Heal while in it interrupts the negative charge.


Here is a video of me using HEAL to calm down my body and brain after a run. There wasn’t a very negative experience in this, just the body “excited’ after a difficult run. The linking could be told out loud as well, but I was primarily using the positive emotions to interrupt the challenge of the after effects of the run.

I hope this helps you.