I have spent a small fortune trying to get better both before and after diagnosis of my chronic illnesses.  I have seen dozens of doctors both western and alternative. My diet changed drastically, lifestyle was forced to change, work stopped. Everything I have done after diagnosis and some before got me to a certain point in the healing process.

I have always had one foot in the world of the healthy and one foot in the world of the sick. Until 2 and a half years ago where my entire being began to reside in the world of the sick. After all, I had all these diagnoses and the outcome seemed bleak.

My illnesses:

Chronic Lyme Disease

Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

Graves’ Disease



Hormone Imbalance

Adrenal Exhaustion




And other psychiatric labels.

One of these illnesses on their own was a walk-through hell as one hope for remission. They are also all connected. My doctor did what he could to help my body fight and detox. He did what he could to calm the mast cell reactions to food, weather, chemicals, my hormones, planes, bus rides, stress, exercise. In other words, I had essentially developed immune system allergies to everything and management was all we could do.

Lyme disease was treated with herbs and antibiotics which only got me sicker.

Mold Illness proved to be my primary illness. It activated all infections and viruses and caused the mast cell activation Syndrome. It limited my life greatly. Even entering a building with higher levels of mold than my body could handle would lead to all sorts of symptoms and behaviors to cope with those symptoms.  (Of course, this was after I was able to start going outside. I was in bed much of the last 2 years.)

In January of 2019 my doctor had recommended retraining the brain in order to heal the body. I trusted him. After 20 years of searching and suffering he was one of the few doctors who I began to trust.  But, I was confused as to how the brain was implicated in this.

“Is my brain sick?”  I asked.

“Yes. your brain is still running from a tiger that is no longer chasing it. You cannot heal, (rest and digest) while this threat hangs over it. You have to teach your brain that the threat is gone, so it can fight as it would naturally.”

“What was the threat?”   “All infections, toxic exposures and trauma.”

All I read on the toxic mold forums was to avoid mold, sell your stuff, throw all items away, pitch a tent in the desert and heal.  Fear dominated all conversations and hijacked hope of a normal life.

I was not fully functioning when I first received my dynamic neural retraining program. I was impaired greatly. I could not open my computer to even watch videos without getting dizzy and shaking. I was  overwhelmed.  This was mast cell reactions to “stress “. How could I possibly do this when I cannot even watch the videos to learn how or understand what the presenter was saying?

The answer was – slowly.

There was no magic cure. However, there was an answer, a root cause to all these illnesses getting stuck in my body – the limbic system. I had a limbic system impairment. It took me weeks to watch the videos. I practiced very little each day, just a beginning portion of what is called round on DNRS. I had no idea why I was doing this except that the alternative of being in the car I had found myself in way too many times was not a good one.  I was homeless, abandoned by most, losing everything.


The brain is the master of all the systems that were affected by my illnesses. This same brain had let the body become the master .Overprotective mechanism in my brain (the limbic system) began perceiving specific external stimuli as dangerous and my endocrine, immune and autonomic nervous system had lost their partner in keeping me healthy. It was stuck in fight, flight and freeze.  My limbic system was hyperactive after being injured by trauma, infection, inflammation, toxins. The world became dangerous.

This limbic system is our emotional epicenter. It deals with emotions, memories and arousal. The limbic system stamps certain emotions to all external stimuli and assesses how safe we are. Mine scanned the outside world and placed an emotion of fear on many external stimuli. I was impaired. An impaired limbic system becomes highly overprotective sensing danger in an external that would usually be safe.

The hypersensitivity of the limbic system causes over firing of protective and threat mechanism in the midbrain. This can result in distorted unconscious reactions, sensory perceptions and protective responses. Over time this state of hyper arousal can weaken the immune system and affect systems associated in rest, digestion and detoxification, mood stability and affect motor and cognitive function.

There was no way I could fight any infection or detox mycotoxins until I was able to rest and digest rather than be in fight or flight. The world was not as unsafe as my limbic system had labeled it.   My brain believed we had to keep running  from these threats, sometimes freeze, sometimes fight. A trauma loop had been created long ago and it was constantly the script running in my subconscious. This trauma loop led to not only horrific symptoms but coping mechanisms to deal with the symptoms that almost killed me.

The goal of neural retaining is to get out of the very destructive limbic trauma loop to help the body to heal.

I practice neural retraining each day while trying to train around perceived triggers. I am careful what I direct my energy to as my brain hears me. If I speak of being sick I know that it can reinforce the pathway that we are still sick. I debate writing about it daily, but I balance with talking about this in the past. It is no longer occurring. My brain knows that we are healthy and it does not have to work as hard as it did anymore. Toxic exposures are not healthy by any means, infections are not simple to cure. Doctors seem to be missing this very important aspect. The brain is not separate from the body, it is a partner to all systems.  The mind body connection happens physically and chemically. Elevating mood and keeping a state of calm helps to change the associated emotion held by the limbic system to external stimuli.  It rewrites the script, creating new neural pathways of health and happiness.

The goal of neural retaining is to get out of the very destructive limbic trauma loop to help the body to heal.

I have seen shifts from when I started. I have watched my reactions become more of a whisper than a roar. At times they begin to roar again and that is when I know I have to increase my time focusing on retraining.

I am forever grateful to finding Dynamic Neural Retraining System and prefer to heal using what I see helping me in full recovery.  Extreme avoidance of all these external toxins led to more avoidance, more fear (subconscious). Killing of bacteria in the body led to more killing, a weakened immune system and a brain sensing more danger. Neither worked.  Creating an atmosphere in which my brain was allowed to rest so the body can do what it is capable of did. I unfollowed all Facebook groups except one that dealt with CIRS and Chronic Lyme disease. I joined all positive groups that helped pull me out of fight or flight and when my brain begins falling back in I have DNRS buddies I can contact to complete a round (20 minutes of time meditating on a past positive time and a future visualization that elicits good chemicals within the body.)  I talk more about rounds here.

My DNRS buddies listen to past memories of love, teenage fun, childhood innocence, and suture visualizations of health, love and abundance.

Full recovery is coming. I feel it. I know it. I am in it.



  • Taliah says:

    Thank u for recreating your journey and experience. I’m a head injury, mold EBV, Lyme and more sufferer. I’m still travelling to wellness and detoxing. The world is toxic, fake and real. We must see and separate them.