She’s still out there
She has to be.
Spinning in the playground
Hopping fences
Whispering secrets into the trees
Hearing their laughter
Crocheting rainbows into dreams
Wearing Cinderella underwear
Skipping on that tightrope in the sky
Knowing the flower beds would catch her
She’ still out there
She has to be be
Trees don’t laugh
Rainbows don’t create dreams
Life is not a piece of art
Put those hooks down
Walk steady
Eyes face front
Arms out
Body weight into feet
There is no net to catch you
Point your toes
Messiness is not accepted
But she’s still out there
Static movement
Strength is in discipline
Stop spinning
So she put her swords down
Kissing the child goodbye
Replacing her with a warrior
As the 5 year old hid further and further inside
No longer wanting to spin
Perfecting every motion
Blinded to rainbows and the tress she once loved
Exchanging the toyland-tightrope
For the ladder of success
Eyes up
Arms grasping
No one to catch her.
Until one day
She heard her
“I’m still here”
Hearing her whisper everyday
Balancing her inner and outer world
No longer able to keep steady
Watching little girl tears fall
She walked away for a moment
Skipped back onto that tightrope
Knowing the flower beds would catch her
Here little one
One more spin
One more spin.
She’s still out there
She is right here.
She is right here.