“She is a blessing and what she allowed me to discover in myself was amazing!
I used a lot of coaches and her approach is brilliant! ”


“My experience working with Maria as my coach has been exactly as i have expected. For a long time i have been looking for someone experienced and skilled enough to help me in my healing journey and i was able to find that with her as my coach. It hasnt been that long and i have already made quite some progress and learned many things that i wasnt even aware of. Her ability to mix multiple strategies in the right order just to find what works for you is genuinely on a level far beyond any type of approach regarding traumatized individuals and their recovery.”

Ionut Florea

“Having the opportunity to work with Maria has been a life-changing experience for me. Her compassionate and empathetic approach created a safe and comfortable environment to explore and discover more about myself. With her consistent guidance, powerful questions, and attentive listening, I gained clarity and decided on the best path for my professional and family life. Throughout the sessions, Maria believed in my potential and instilled a sense of empowerment within me. She constantly encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, confront my fears, and embrace new possibilities. Presently, I am confidently and determinedly walking toward my goals. I highly recommend Maria for anyone seeking personal or professional growth. Thank you for being a part of my transformative journey.”

Ana Pointe

“I have really enjoyed and benefited from working with Maria. I had some prior experience with TRE but was seeking a professional who was able and willing to help me become more comfortable and confident with the practice. She has definitely done that and I look forward to working with her more! I'm so grateful that she has a deep understanding about trauma, the brain, the nervous system, the body and how they are all connected. It's so comforting to know she really understands the science and wants to help!”

Laura Sexton

“What I love about Maria, is that she really wants me to get better. Is like a big sister, that takes the time to look how I am doing and if I am doing the work to get better. She is available with her body, mind and soul to teach, not all teachers are this way; for that this makes her special. She was in my shoes once, for that she has compassion, and she knows what suffering is, for that she is not like a robot. I think she is the kind of coach that teach in order to us be empowered and learn how to do the work and once we are ready we can fly alone. (Sorry for my English, my first language is Spanish). Maria Velastegui.”

Maria Velastegui

“Maria not only changed my life for the better, but saved it. I had been completely brainwashed by functional medicine doctors. They had robbed me not only of thousands of dollars in appointment fees, supplements they pushed that only made me feel worse, but completely robbed me of my sanity. They created so much fear. I was scared of what might be in my body (mold, Lyme, etc), my home, other peoples homes, stores, chemicals, food,.....the list goes on. Because they were doctors, I believed them. So I ended up moving across the country to get away from mold (which they still told me I needed to worry everywhere I went). I ate the 5 foods they said I wouldn't react to. I took the $1,000 a month worth of supplements they told me to. And I barely went out because of fears of mold, chemicals and more. One day I couldn't take it anymore. I posted on a Facebook group to see if there were others like me. I wanted to stop the treatments. I wanted to stop the fear. Maria, like an Angel, replied. She told me her story. She showed me that healing was possible. She helped release the chains that functional medicine put on me. She gave me hope. I started working with Maria and everything changed. I no longer felt hopeless or alone. She always says the right thing that can help get through the fear to rationality. She thinks outside the box. She inspires and motivates. Maria not only changed my life for the better, but she also saved it. I'm so grateful for her.”

Anne Walsh Rabin