I offer trauma informed support and guidance for anyone living in a chronic state (physical and/or mental) as you commit to nervous system regulation. Through use of powerful questions, I can help you gain clarity as to what may be keeping you stuck as well as help you get unstuck by teaching about the nervous system, using polyvagal theory principles, somatic experiencing, tension and trauma release exercises (TRE ) and neural retraining exercises. Whether you have already committed to a neural retraining program and just need a little extra guidance and modifications, or you are just starting and would like exercises tailored for you, I have been through this process of change and will use all of the tools I have learned to help rewire your brain and come into a sense of ease. I ask that you commit to at least three months to see some change. I come with empathy and a safe space where you can bring all parts of you. You can help your body and brain heal. Coaching can be weekly or bi/weekly.


I offer individual sessions of TRE@ (tension and trauma release exercises) to help the body break down holding patterns. Individual sessions can be one time or a series of sessions in which we gradually build the intensity and frequency of this practice. TRE (tension and trauma release exercises ) are a series of exercises that help the body release stress patterns. Once the tremor mechanism is activated the natural shaking helps to down regulate the nervous system. Discovered by David Berceli, it is designed as a self help tool. I am here to help you being TRE in a safe space, however it is also a self help tool you can use at home. With a facilitator like me, it is possible to help the tremor move through the body, and work with any "stories" to see how the body responds, and help release any stress attached. TRE sessions do not need to be combined with coaching. You can book only guided TRE sessions.


If you are unable to afford a private TRE session why not join a group session with friends or ask me about any groups you can join. TRE is a method developed by David Berceli to break down tension patterns in the body. Through a set of seven exercises you can elicit an innate tremor mechanism in the body which helps to downregulate the nervous system. Once you learn how to tremor, the practice can be done at home on your own. However, to have a fuller experience a facilitator like myself can help move the tremor throughout your body, help you notice certain patterns in your body, and even work with the "trauma story" in which a narrative is told while tremoring to observe the body's response and help release old patterns. TRE can be a helpful experience with a group to enjoy the benefits of community and co regulation.